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Hastur Rising is the 2020 April Fools Kickstarter from Petersen Games. It includes "The Risen One", a variant of Hastur, as well as the "Can in Yellow" energy drink, two art prints, and promo rules to use the unit in Cthulhu Wars, Glorantha: The Gods War, Hyperspace, Planet Apocalypse, and Eternal Adversary.


Great Old Ones
Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
The Risen One.png 100x100px
The Risen One 1 8 *

Loyalty Card - The Risen One.png

How to Awaken The Risen One:
Yellow Sign Faction: Pay 7 Power, and place the Risen One at your controlled Gate. You may place it so that it overlaps into neighboring Areas. Then each other player gains 1 Elder Sign.
All other Factions:
  1. Your controlled Gate is in an Area with your Great Old One.
  2. Pay 8 Power, and place the Risen One in the Area containing the Gate. You may place it so that it overlaps into neighboring Areas.
Combat: Choose any number.
Reality (Ongoing): The Risen One is considered to exist in every Area its base overlaps. It can Move into any Area adjacent to any of them, participate in a Battle in any of them, etc.
Madness (Battle): You may roll any number of Combat dice for the Risen One's. However, if the Risen One's side scores more kills than its opponent, the Risen One is Eliminated.
100x100pxSpellbook - The Risen One (Call Him).png Spellbook Requirement: The Risen One survives a battle.
Call Him (Action: Cost 1): Move the Risen One to any Area in which you have a Unit.
Availability: Hastur Rising (Kickstarter)