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Hastur Rising is the 2020 April Fools Kickstarter from Petersen Games. It includes "The Risen One", a variant of Hastur, as well as the "Can in Yellow" energy drink, two art prints, and promo rules to use the unit in Cthulhu Wars, Glorantha: The Gods War, Hyperspace, Planet Apocalypse, and Eternal Adversary.


Great Old Ones
Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
The Risen One.png 100x100px
The Risen One 1 8 *

Loyalty Card - The Risen One.png

How to Awaken The Risen One:
Yellow Sign Faction: Pay 7 Power and place the Risen One at your controlled Gate. You may place it so that it overlaps into neighboring Areas. Then each other player gains 1 Elder Sign.
All other Factions:
  1. Your controlled Gate is in an Area with your Great Old One.
  2. Pay 8 Power, and place the Risen One in the Area containing the Gate. You may place it so that it overlaps into neighboring Areas.
Combat: Choose any number.
Reality (Ongoing): The Risen One is considered to exist in every Area in which its base overlaps. It can attack into any of them, can move into any Area adjacent to any of them, etc.
Madness (Battle): You may roll any number of dice for the Risen One's Combat total. However, if the Risen One's side scores more kills than its opposition, the Risen One is eliminated.
100x100pxSpellbook - The Risen One (Call Him).png Spellbook Requirement: The Risen One survives a battle.
Call Him (Action: Cost 1): Move the Risen One to any Area in which you have a unit.
Availability: Hastur Rising (Kickstarter)