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The Invasion

The Invasion is a faction released with Return to Planet Apocalypse, developed by Matthew Folger to canonize the units from the core game of Planet Apocalypse, which had previously been covered with crossover rules as independent units.



After Windwalker, start with 8 Power and place a Lord's Shadow, a Fiend & 6 Demon Larvae in any unoccupied Area (following any Map restrictions that would apply to Opener). Follow Setup instructions on the Lord's Shadow Card. You can only Awaken Independent Great Old Ones if doing so would not have you Control more total Great Old Ones than Lord's Shadows.
Unique Ability
Eternal Servitude (Ongoing): If you have 0 power & Baphomet is in play & another Player is still Active, then during your turn participate as if you had 2 Power. You cannot perform Rituals of Annihilation. This is not optional.
Spellbook Requirements
Awaken Baphomet At the end of the Second Doom Phase, take this spellbook. All other players lose 1 Doom.
As your Action, Pay 4 Power and 1 Doom. Have Captured Cultists on your Faction Sheet from 2 or more Factions.
Create a Lord's Shadow Create another Lord's Shadow
100x100px100x100px Blood Offering (Action: Cost 0): Draw and reveal 4 Elder Signs. Enemies have 2 minutes to offer you a Cultist from play in exchange for the Doom from a single revealed Elder Sign. You may accept one offer and Capture that Cultist; that player gains Doom for that Elder Sign, which is discarded. Return all remaining Elder Signs to the pool. Flip this facedown until the Gather Power Phase.
100x100px100x100px Hellgate (Action: Cost 2): Relocate any number of your Units from a single Area with a Lord's Shadow to another single Area with a Lord's Shadow.
100x100px100x100px Eclipse (Only Once): Play this at any time prior to the Doom Phase. All other Factions (except Sleeper, if copying Eternal Servitude) do not gain Doom for Unit-Controlled Gates this Doom Phase. They may still earn Doom from Rituals and other effects, if able. Flip this Spellbook face down after use to indicate it cannot be used again.
100x100px100x100px Infernolatreia (Ongoing): If you would gain 1 or more Elder Signs, you may instead first draw and look at Elder Signs equal to the number of your Lord's Shadows plus one. Keep the gained amount and return the rest (if any).

100x100px100x100px Scavenge (Action: Cost 2): Move any number of your Grylluses. Then, as part of the same Action, all of your Grylluses may either Attack or Capture in their Area(s) for free (but not more than one Battle per Area). Only your Grylluses participate on your side of the Battle.
100x100px100x100px Entropy Siphon (Ongoing): Fiends can Control Gates. At the end of the Doom Phase, enemies must collectively decide how to lose 4 power for each Fiend-Controlled Gate. For every 4 power not lost this way, all players with more Doom than you lose 1 Doom.


Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Larva.png Larva (Painted).png
Demon Larva 6 1 0
Portend (Action: Cost X): In an Area containing Demon Larvae and a Portent, add another Portent. If there are 4 Portents in the Area remove them and put a Lord's Shadow and a Fiend in the Area. Cost equals the number of Portents already in the Area plus one (2/3/4) OR 0 if the number of your Larvae in the Area is equal to or greater than the number of the Portents already in the Area plus one.
Larvae (Ongoing): Your Larvae cannot Build or Control Gates but count as Acolytes for all other purposes. This is not optional.
Availability: The Invasion {CW-F9} (x10), Planet Apocalypse - Core Game (x10), Larva Blister Pack {RPG-PA-10} (x4), Larvae Miniature STL {PA-10}
Minions from Limbo – the larvae are literally damned souls, their bodies and minds transformed by the masters of Hell.
These are a Limbo entity. They behave as demons in most ways, yet are not true demons, but damned souls. They are dangerous in numbers.
Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Gryllus.png Gryllus (Painted).png
Gryllus 6 2 1 Scavenge

Availability: The Invasion {CW-F9} (x6), Planet Apocalypse - Core Game (x6), Gryllus Blister Pack {RPG-PA-11} (x2)
Though they are the lowest order of demon – a mere First Circle rank – the grylli view themselves as nobility, and masters of all they survey.
Fiend.png Fiend (Painted).png
Fiend 4 4 3 Entropy Siphon

Availability: The Invasion {CW-F9} (x4), Planet Apocalypse - Core Game (x4), Fiend Blister Pack {RPG-PA-12} (x1), Fiend Miniature STL {PA-12}
The Second Circle of demons, aggressive brutes, brandish their snapping, writhing skeletoy weapon. Remember, nothing in Hell is dead or inert.
Great Old Ones
Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Baphomet.png Baphomet (Painted).png
Baphomet 1 0 *

How to Awaken Baphomet:
  1. Permanently remove your Faction Unit in an Area from the game
  2. Baphomet appears in that Area.
Combat: Equal to 4 + The total amount of Doom that you've earned from revealing Elder Signs this Action Phase.
Unquenchable Thirst (Ongoing): Pay 1 Doom (instead of Power) to Attack or Capture in Baphomet's Area. This is not optional and cannot be disabled or removed by other effects.

Sacrament of Flesh (Doom Phase): If Baphomet is in play, you must:

  1. Permanently remove a Faction Unit you control from the game (or 2 units if you have all 6 Spellbooks). Spare 1 Unit for each Cultist that was on your Faction Card during Gather Power.
  2. Gain an Elder Sign (or 2 if you have all 6 Spellbooks).
Availability: The Invasion {CW-F9} (x1), Planet Apocalypse - Core Game (x1), Baphomet Blister Pack {RPG-PA-15} (x1)
Baphomet’s wisdom is granted only to the truly depraved and servile. Who can pluck it off its red-hot wall?


Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Lord's Shadow Marker 6 X N/A
Availability: The Invasion {CW-F9} (x6), The Invasion (with no minis) {CW-F9-NM} (x6)

Other components[]

Other components
Image Component Quantity Notes
Faction Card 1
Availability: The Invasion {CW-F9} (x1), The Invasion (with no minis) {CW-F9-NM} (x1)
Faction Token 1
Availability: The Invasion {CW-F9} (x1), The Invasion (with no minis) {CW-F9-NM} (x1)
Portents Marker 15
Availability: The Invasion {CW-F9} (x15), The Invasion (with no minis) {CW-F9-NM} (x15)
Portents/Lord's Shadow Card 1
Notes: At the end of your setup (after you've chosen your Start location and before Opener has set up), in turn order, each non-Invasion Player (including Opener) places one Portent in any Area not containing a Gate or Portent, and also not adjacent to The Invasion's Start Area (max 5 Portents may be placed in this way.
Lord's Shadows are identical to Gates for all purposes except the following:
  1. Lord's Shadows cannot be moved.
  2. Gates may be built in Areas with Lord's Shadows (however, they still may not be moved there by abilities like The Beyond One, as that ability specifies that the Gate moved can't be moved to another Area with a Gate).
  3. Lord's Shadows are Controlled by the Invasion player by default (without a Controlling Unit) unless there is a Controlled Gate in the same Area, in which case that player Controls the Shadow as an additional Gate. Yog-Sothoth counts as a Gate for this purpose if he's the only non-Shadow Gate in the Area.

If an Invasion-Controlled Lord's Shadow is destroyed (e.g. Ithaqua, the Dhole, etc.), Invasion gains 2 Elder Signs instead of any other reward or effect. If an Area with Portents is destroyed (e.g. Shaggai), Invasion gains 1 Elder Sign.

Availability: The Invasion {CW-F9} (x1), The Invasion (with no minis) {CW-F9-NM} (x1)
Baphomet's Fury Card 1
Torment (Ongoing): When you would Kill or Eliminate enemy Unit(s) (except via Capture), the enemy instead loses Power for each Unit lost, equal to half the original cost of the Unit rounded up (e.g., for 2 Deep Ones and Cthulhu, the total loss is 1 + 1 + 5 = 7). If the enemy cannot Pay the total Power loss, then this ability has no effect (they are Killed/Eliminated as normal). This is not optional.
Transference (Ongoing): When an enemy Faction Kills or Eliminates one of your Units (not via Capture), transfer ownership of Baphomet's Fury to that enemy at the end of the current Action. When it changes ownership, The Invasion gains 1 Doom. This is not optional.
Notes: This card has no effect until the Ritual Track Marker hits the first "7" value. Once this happens, flip this card over.
Availability: The Invasion {CW-F9} (x1), The Invasion (with no minis) {CW-F9-NM} (x1)
100x50px 100x50px
Power Marker 1
Availability: The Invasion {CW-F9} (x1), The Invasion (with no minis) {CW-F9-NM} (x1)
100x50px 100x50px
Doom Marker 1
Availability: The Invasion {CW-F9} (x1), The Invasion (with no minis) {CW-F9-NM} (x1)
Battle Dice 20
Availability: Battle Dice - The Invasion {CW-U40} (x20)
Neutral Unit Identifier 6 (25mm)
3 (40mm)
3 (50mm)
3 (60mm)
1 (80mm)
Availability: Neutral Unit Identifiers - The Invasion {CW-U41} (x16)


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