PA: 20 Insanity Tokens

Great Cthulhu Code Name: Grant Grant Unidentified John Doe Shield: 6 Nuke: 6d12 Devour: Roll 1d4 before Cthulhu attacks. He attacks that many times. Each attack is separately targeted and can affect different heroes, if the captain so chooses. Madness: If a hero has 1 or more sanity tokens on their turn, they must discard 1 sanity token, and then attack. They cannot retreat. If a hero has no sanity tokens at the start of their turn, they must retreat. Menace: Each hero must take 0 to 6 sanity tokens. Reward: When you gain sanity tokens, gain 1 courage and 1 luck for each sanity token you gain. 2p: 10 3p: 15 4p: 20 5p: 25 4 crowns

Harbinger Cthulhu Combat: 0 Summon: At the start of the Council Phase, before VPs are added, each player gets a chance, in turn order, to pay 3 power and place HArbinger Cthulhu on the map in any area. That player does not control Harbinger Cthulhu, but takes this card. Immediate: All units and buildings in Harbinger Cthulhu's area are removed and placed next to this loyalty card. Special Ability: Tentacle (Action: Cost 1): Choose a unit or building in Harbinger Cthulhu's area, or an adjacent area. Remove it and place it next to this loyalty card. All players may use this action. Killing the Harbinger Cthulhu: The only way to eliminate Harbinger Cthulhu is to inflict 2 kill results against him in battle. Harbinger Cthulhu ignores routs. All units battling Harbinger Cthulhu are always killed. If Harbinger Cthulhu is killed, all "captured" units and buildings next to this loyalty cad are placed back on the map in the battle area, or any adjacent area, at the killer's whim. Buildings must be placed legally—if this is impossible, that building is destroyed. Reward: When killed, the killer gains 1 rune, as does the original summoner of Harbinger Cthulhu, even if they are the same person.

Harbinger Cthulhu gun* Attack 3 Sword** Attack 3 empty zap or full zap Choose: Either Harbinger Cthulhu gains 1 health or inflicts 2 damage Armor 12 1H: 10 2H: 22 3H: 29 A Chaos hero can spend 1 life force to move Harbinger Cthulhu to an adjacent, unrevealed location. Order heroes cannot enter that location. The Thing cannot be described—there is no language for such abysms of shrieking and immemorial lunacy, such eldritch contradictions of all matter, force, and cosmic order. A mountain walked or stumbled.

Harbinger Cthulhu missile: n/a rook: 25 2 yellow hexagons If any player has fewer than 2 VPs, discard this card and draw another. Otherwise, choose any Non-Homeworld System, carefully pick up the tile and set it away from the map, with all units. It and they are out of play. Place Harbinger Cthulhu in the "hole" left behind. Great Old One (Ongoing): Ships can enter Harbinger Cthulhu's location. When he's attacked, all your Units are always destroyed in the Battle. If Harbinger Cthulhu is destroyed, gain 2 VP, then return the "lost" System, with all Units, to the map. green question mark on back

Cthulhu: The Harbinger Modules on back Special Rules: When Cthulhu: The Harbinger appears, place his card into the module row as normal. While Cthulhu is in the module row, no new modules are added to the module row. All rush fees are waived while Cthulhu is present. When a module in front of Cthulhu is purchased, slide Cthulhu (and all modules) forward to fill the gaps as normal.

No player may purchase Cthulhu. However, before purchasing a module a player may spend 3 credits to move Cthulhu forward one space, removing the module in front of him out of the game, and adding a new module to the end of the module track. When Cthulhu reaches the last space of the module track, he leaves the system and play resumes as normal.

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