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Loyalty Card - Independent Great Old Ones.png

Awakening: Take the Independent's Loyalty Card, Spellbook, and any tokens, and add them to your Pool. Place the Independent's figure on the Map, under your Control. There are no limits to how many Independents you may Control, and you may use one Independent to help you Awaken another.

Death: If your Independent is Killed, place its Loyalty Card, figure, unused tokens, and Spellbook back into the general Pool (tokens already on the map remain there). If you had earned its Spellbook, it "falls off" the Loyalty Card and is no longer in effect. If this Independent is Awakened again, even by the same player, the Spellbook must be earned anew.

Spellbook: Each Independent has its own Spellbook to be earned. When a Spellbook's requirements have been met, place the Spellbook on the Independent's Loyalty Card; you may reap that Spellbook's benefits as long as you control that Independent. This Spellbook does not count as one of your "Faction" Spellbooks for any purpose, and it cannot be placed on your Faction Card.

Doom Phase: When you perform a ritual of Annihilation, do NOT gain an Elder Sign for any Independent Great Old Ones you Control.

Note: For your first game with Independents, we recommend using one fewer Independent than the number of players.

List of Independent Great Old Ones[]