Sleeper {CW-F4} is a faction released with Onslaught One. It focuses on staying dormant until the enemies are exhausted, and then cleaning up the map while they're defenseless.



8 Power, 6 Acolytes, and a Controlled Gate in the Area with this Glyph: Sigil - Sleeper.png
Unique Ability
Death from Below (Doom Phase): Place the lowest-cost Monster from your Pool into any Area containing at least 1 of your Units.
Spellbook Requirements
As your Action, spend 3 Power.
Each other player gains 1 Power.
As your Action, spend 3 Power.
Select another player who gains 3 Power.
As your Action, spend 3 Power.
Each other player loses 1 Power.
Roll 6 combat dice in a single Battle.
Perform a Ritual of Annihilation. Awaken Tsathoggua.
Spellbook - Sleeper.pngSpellbook - Sleeper (Ancient Sorcery).png Ancient Sorcery (Action: Cost 1): Remove a Serpent Man from the Map and place him on an enemy's Faction Card. You now have access to that Faction's Unique Ability until the end of the next Doom Phase. At that point, gain 1 Power and replace the Serpent Man anywhere on the Map. If a Faction's Unique Ability mentions a Great Old One, it is also considered to include Tsathoggua.
Spellbook - Sleeper.pngSpellbook - Sleeper (Burrow).png Burrow (Ongoing): After a Move Action in which you have spent 2 or more Power to Move Units, regain 1 Power.
Spellbook - Sleeper.pngSpellbook - Sleeper (Capture Monster).png Capture Monster (Action: Cost 1): Tsathoggua can Capture enemy Monsters in the same way in which Cultists are Captured. These Monsters are sacrificed for 1 Power each in the next Gather Power Phase.
Spellbook - Sleeper.pngSpellbook - Sleeper (Cursed Slumber).png Cursed Slumber (Action: Cost 1): Remove one of your Controlled Gates and its Cultist from the Map, and place them on your Faction Card. This Gate and Cultist still provide Doom and Power, but are immune to enemy abilities and Spellbooks. For 1 Power, as an Action, you may return the Gate and Cultist to any Area on the Map without a Gate. You may only have 1 Gate on your Faction Card at any time.

Spellbook - Sleeper.pngSpellbook - Sleeper (Demand Sacrifice).png Demand Sacrifice (Pre-Battle): If Tsathoggua is in play, your enemy chooses ONE of the following options before a battle with you:
1) You gain an Elder Sign.
2) All of their Kill results against your Units in this Battle count as Pains, instead.
Spellbook - Sleeper.pngSpellbook - Sleeper (Energy Nexus).png Energy Nexus (Ongoing): Just before a Battle in an Area containing a Wizard, you may take one Action that originates in the Area for its normal Power cost. The Battle proceeds once that Action is finished, starting with Pre-Battle Spellbooks and abilities.


Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Acolyte (Classic) - Sleeper.png 100x100px

Acolyte (Alternate) - Sleeper.png 100x100px
Acolyte 6 1 0
Availability: [Classic] Sleeper {CW-F2} (x6), Acolyte Blister Pack {RPG-CG-A} (x2)
[Alternate] Alternate Faction Acolytes {CW-U12} (x6), Cultic Set 2 {EHP-5} (x6)
From his ancient tome he intones the words of power. Beware, sane world. The realm of madness awakens at his command.
The alternate sculpt units replace the classic sculpt Acolytes, and were originally developed for Evil High Priest.
Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Wizard.png 100x100px
Wizard 2 1 0 Energy Nexus
Availability: Sleeper {CW-F2} (x2), Wizard Blister Pack {RPG-F2-O1} (x2)
Falling deep under the sway of the great old ones, this occultist is now locked into permanent dependency on its symbiotic familiar.
Serpent Man.png 100x100px
Serpent Man 3 2 1 Ancient Sorcery
Availability: Sleeper {CW-F2} (x4), Serpent Man Blister Pack {RPG-F2-O2} (x2)
The rattlesnake god, father of serpents. Is he the true terror behind the myths of Set and Quetzalcoatl?
Formless Spawn.png 100x100px
Formless Spawn 4 3 *
Combat: Roll 1 die per Formless Spawn and Tsathoggua on the Map. (i.e. if you have 2 Formless Spawn in play, each rolls 2 dice–if Tsathoggua were also in play, each would roll 3 dice).
Availability: Sleeper {CW-F2} (x4), Formless Spawn Blister Pack {RPG-F2-O3} (x1)
"The explorers found living things that oozed along stone channels and worshiped the toad-thing Tsathoggua. Those who escaped alive sealed the passage leading to the Formless Spawn’s realm of nether horror." – H. P. Lovecraft
Great Old Ones
Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Tsathoggua.png 100x100px
Tsathoggua 1 8 *
How to Awaken Tsathoggua:
  1. You must have a Formless Spawn on the Map.
  2. Pay 8 Power. Place Tsathoggua into the Area with the Formless Spawn.
Combat: Equal to 2 or your opponent's current Power, whichever is greater.
Lethargy (Action: Cost 0): If Tsathoggua is in play, do nothing. This counts as an Action.
Availability: Sleeper {CW-F2} (x1), Tsathoggua Blister Pack {RPG-F2-O4} (x1)
The Sleeper, Tsathoggua squeezes his way up through the rock to take his place on the surface world. His long slumber has left him voracious. Feed him!

Expansion Units

Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Acolyte (Handicap) - Sleeper.png 100x100px
Acolyte 1 1 0
Availability: CW Onslaught 3 Stretch Goal Box {CW-E20} (x1)
This unit is used as a Handicap Acolyte.
High Priest (Classic) - Sleeper.png 100x100px
100x100px 100x100px
High Priest 1 3 0
Unspeakable Oath (Ongoing): At the end of any player's Action (even if it is not your turn), Sacrifice your High Priest (return him to your Pool) and gain 2 Power. This may also be done during the Gather Power and Doom Phases.
Notes: The High Priest is a new type of Cultist, it is Recruited like an Acolyte. Each High Priest generates 1 Power during the Gather Power Phase, can Create and Control a Gate, and can be Captured. Each Faction has only a single High Priest available.
This unit may also be used as one of the Unique High Priests.
Availability: [Classic] High Priests {CW-U3} (x1), High Priest Blister Pack {RPG-U3-HP} (x2)
[Alternate] High Priests {CW-U3-O3} (x1), Cultic Set 2 {EHP-5} (x1), Cultic Set 3 {EHP-6} (x1)
He leads the rites of old. It is time to awaken the great old ones! Iä! Iä!
The alternate sculpt unit replaces the classic sculpt High Priest, and was originally developed for Evil High Priest.
Brain Cylinder Token - Sleeper.png
100x100px 100x100px
Brain Cylinder 4 0 0
Notes: Brain Cylinders are a new type of Cultist. They cannot be Recruited normally, nor can they be placed on the Map due to special abilities that place Units (such as Sleeper's Desecrate).
They cannot use the Move Action, but they may perform any other game Action in addition to all Cultist functions—i.e., they earn Power during the Gather Power Phase, Create, Control, and Abandon Gates, and permit the Recruitment of Cultists in their Areas.
To Move a Brain Cylinder, one of your other Units must Move with them. Your Brain Cylinders accompany your other Unit(s) for free in a Move Action, and a single Unit can carry multiple Cylinders. You can also bring Brain Cylinders along using a movement-like ability, as long as that ability allows you to bring other, non-specific Units along. For example, you can relocate them with Submerge, but not with Screaming Dead, Seek and Destroy, Necrophagy, or Shriek of the Byakhee, because these last four mention specific Units that can be moved. Something that modifies the Move Action, such as the Shantaks' Horror Steed ability, would allow it to transport any number of Brain Cylinders (in addition to a Cultist).
As Brain Cylinders are Cultists, they benefit from any Spellbooks or abilities that affect Cultists (for example, Black Goat's Frenzy provides them with 1 Combat). They are NOT Acolytes, however, and so to affect a Brain Cylinder, an ability must specify that it affects Cultists (or Units).
Brain Cylinders cannot be assigned Pain results in Battle. Because of this, they tend to be left behind in Areas as their owners are driven away in Battle. They are also immune to Pain-like retreats, such as Windwalker's Howl or Pains inflicted by Opener's Dread Curse. Kills can still be assigned to them (remember, Kills must be assigned before Pains, so Brain Cylinders cannot help you avoid Kills or Eliminations in Battle).
Important: In addition, Brain Cylinders by themselves do NOT prevent Units from being Pained into their Areas in a Battle. Brain Cylinders by themselves cannot surround and therefore Eliminate enemy Units.
Capturing a Brain Cylinder is like Capturing any other Cultist, and follows the same rules. However, when a Cylinder is Captured, you may choose instead to "Convert" it into a Cylinder of your own Faction's Color, leaving it on the Map. Each Faction has a hard limit of 4 Cylinders, so if you already have four Brain Cylinders in play and Capture a fifth, it cannot be Converted. It must be placed on your Faction Card to be Sacrificed in next Gather Power Phase.
Availability: [Token] Yuggoth Map {CW-M3} (x4)
[Figure] Shining Trapezohedron {CW-E15} (x4), Shining Trapezohedron {CW-E15-O3} (x4), Shining Trapezohedron {CW-E15-O4} (x4), Brain Cylinder Blister Pack {RPG-E15-10} (x1)
This helpless human, reduced to a mere living brain by the surgical and mechanical skill of the aliens, can now only communicate through electronic devices. What wisdom or warning can he relate?
The Brain Cylinder figures replace the Brain Cylinder Tokens.
Dark Demon - Sleeper.png 100x100px
Dark Demon 1 1 0
How to Obtain the Dark Demon Loyalty Card: In the Doom Phase, when it is your turn to perform a Ritual of Annihilation, you may pay 2 Doom to obtain this Loyalty Card and then place the Dark Demon matching your Faction's color anywhere on the Map. If you wish, you may also perform a Ritual of Annihilation. Each of the other Factions permanently loses an Acolyte from their Pools (or from the Map, if all are in play) and then adds to their Pools a Dark Demon of their Faction's color.
The Summons (Ongoing): Any Faction with a Dark Demon in its Pool cannot take any Action other than Recruiting the Dark Demon. (You can still choose to drop your Power to 0 and take no more Actions this Action Phase instead).
Metamorph (Ongoing): Dark Demons are a new type of Cultist and are treated as Cultists in every way, but they produce 0 Power during the Gather Power Phase. They are Recruited rather than Summoned, so a Controlled Gate is not needed to bring them into play. Dark Demons may Create and Control Gates, and they are worth 1 Power when Captured. They can be targeted by any Spellbooks or abilities that reference Cultists, but not Acolytes.
Availability: Masks of Nyarlathotep {CW-U10} (x1)

Other components

Other components
Image Component Quantity Notes
Faction Card - Sleeper.png
Faction Card 1

Availability: Sleeper {CW-F2} (x1)
Faction Token - Sleeper.png
Faction Token 1

Availability: Sleeper {CW-F2} (x1)
Power Marker - Sleeper.png 100x50px
Power Marker 1

Availability: Sleeper {CW-F2} (x1)
Doom Marker - Sleeper.png 100x50px
Doom Marker 1

Availability: Sleeper {CW-F2} (x1)
Gate - Sleeper.png 100x50px
Gate 1 Used for Colour Out of Space

Availability: Eldritch Gate Pack {CW-U9} (x1), Eldritch Gate Pack {CW-U9-O3} (x1)
Battle Dice - Sleeper.png
Battle Dice 20

Availability: Battle Dice - Sleeper {CW-U19} (x20), All 200 Battle Dice! {CW-U24} (x20), ALL 240 BATTLE DICE {CW-U??} (x20)
Neutral Unit Identifier 6 (25mm)
3 (40mm)
3 (50mm)
1 (80mm)

Availability: Neutral Unit Identifier {CW-U26} (x13), Neutral Unit Identifier {CW-U26-O4} (x13)


Faction strategy

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Recommended openers


When the men...went down into N'kai's black abyss with their great atom-power searchlights they found living things—living things that oozed along stone channels and worshipped onyx and basalt images of Tsathoggua. But they were not toads like Tsathoggua himself. Far worse—they were amorphous lumps of viscous black slime that took temporary shapes for various purposes. The explorers of K'n-yan did not pause for detailed observations, and those who escaped alive sealed the passage leading from red-litten Yoth down into the gulfs of nether horror. Then all the images of Tsathoggua in the land of K'n-yan were dissolved...and the cult was abolished forever.
--H.P. Lovecraft

Of course it all started with a dame. I don't even need to tell you that, do I? It always starts with a dame. This one had a creepy vibe to her I just couldn't place. I felt she regarded me the way a female praying mantis sizes up a potential mate.
So, she comes knocking on my office door that evening, just as I was getting ready to throw in the towel for the day. As usual, the only phone calls I'd received that whole afternoon were bill collectors and irate drunks. She comes in slinking like an alley cat in heat; gloved fingers tracing lightly over every tchotchke littering this dump.
I motion her to the chair in front of my desk, and try to get to business. I'm expecting the usual: cheating spouses, familial squabbles... I shoulda been so lucky.
A few cool pleasantries are exchanged, and then the weird really begins. She starts in about her uncle who just kicked off. Implies the guy used to be into weird stuff, and she's trying to track down his more... esoteric... possessions. I'm thinking we're talking about vintage Russian snuff films on Betamax, but no. She starts in on an old book. I couldn't spell the thing's name, but she corrected me as "pnakotic." Apparently written by a sorcerer from, get this, Atlantis. Written by "Klarkash-Ton". Of Atlantis, I guess.
So I'm thinking that what I've got is a class-A fruitcake, with an extra helping of nuts. Then something happened that at once made me think I didn't want anywhere near this case.
I'm sitting, nodding, trying to come up with an excuse to get her out of my office without too much drama when I catch a sliver of movement out of the corner of my eye. Something slinky and black—I figure it's the neighbor's cat. Then the room goes dark. I spin in my chair, and there's this... don't know how to describe it. This black gel, ropy black slime which—I'm serious here—is climbing all over the windows, blacking it out. And there's a crack, and then a smash as the window implodes inward. This formless goop comes thundering through the window, a seemingly endless volume. I grab my trusty .44 and pop off a couple of rounds, but it's like shooting jello. It goes right for the dame. It bumrushes her, and she's screaming for a couple seconds, and then she is completely engulfed.
Now everything is quiet. I'm standing there with my gob hanging open as the blob oozes back to the window. I swear it smirked at me—it didn't have a face, but its surface twisted up like a mad grin. One dropping tendril reaches slowly towards me and I leap back—it stops and waves. The thing takes longer to squeeze out the window, because, just like a python that swallowed a moose, there's a spastically-twitching bulge in the middle. After a few seconds the dame must have run out of air, because the twitching stopped.
I feel like I should report this, but I never even got the dame's name.
—Ben Monroe


"The end came unexpectedly. I always thought it would be zombies or aliens or nuclear weapons. Instead, it was this ooze. It was as if the earth itself was falling apart, bleeding black tar. You couldn't fight it any more than you could fight the ocean. Slowly, but surely, the ooze dragged us from our homes, from our families. It dragged us to that awful beast's waiting maw. I can still see it, every time I close my eyes."
—David Mendiola

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