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The Shaggai Map {CW-M11} is a map released with Onslaught Three. Its main mechanic is the gradual introduction of Eradication Markers, which cause Areas to become unusable. A version for 6-8 players {CW-M12} was released, and also included as part of the 6-8 Player Map Pack {CW-M14}.



Map Component Notes

Shaggai Map Availability: Shaggai Map {CW-M11} (x1)
Shaggai Map
(6–8 Players)
Availability: 6-8 Player Shaggai Map {CW-M12} (x1), 6-8 Player Map Pack {CW-M14} (x1)


Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Worms of Ghroth.png 100x100px
Worms of Ghroth 6 N/A N/A

Availability: Shaggai Map {CW-M11} (x6)

Other components[]

Other components
Image Component Quantity Notes
Worm Degradation Dice.png
Worm Degradation Dice 5
Availability: Shaggai Map {CW-M11} (x5)
Eradication Marker.png
Eradication Marker 15
Availability: Shaggai Map {CW-M11} (x15)
Shaggai Hint Card.png
Shaggai Hint Card 5
Availability: Shaggai Map {CW-M11} (x5)

Expansion Components[]


Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Worms of Ghroth.png 100x100px
Worms of Ghroth 6 N/A 0

Loyalty Card - Worms of Ghroth.png

How to Obtain the Worms of Ghroth Loyalty Card: Pay 2 Doom and 2 Power to take this Loyalty Card. Then, place 1 Worm of Ghroth at your Controlled Gate.
Eradication (Gather Power Phase): Roll a die. If the result is equal to or less than the number of Worms of Ghroth in play, gain 1 Elder Sign and lose Power equal to the number shown on the die.
Notes: Whenever a Worm of Ghroth is Killed or Eliminated, roll a die. If the result is higher than the number of Worms in play, you may place up to two Worms into any available, unoccupied areas of the map. In the event that multiple Worms are Killed or Eliminated, roll a die for each Worm so removed from play. Resolve this ability one roll at a time.
Availability: Shaggai Map {CW-M11} (x6)

Other components[]

Other components
Image Component Quantity Notes
Eradication Marker.png
Eradicators 15
Loyalty Card - Eradicators.png

How to Obtain the Eradicators Loyalty Card: Pay 2 Doom to take this Loyalty Card, then place 1 Eradicator into each player's Start Area.
Anti-Existence (Ongoing): Eradicators are not Units. They cannot Move, nor do they participate in Battle. They cannot be Eliminated or affected by any abilities or Spellbooks. Once placed, they are permanent.
Overclock (Gather Phase): Each player gains 1 Power for each Gate he Controls that shares an Area with an Eradicator, but must choose and Eliminate 1 of his own Units from each of those Areas. The Eradicators' controller instead gains 2 Power for each of his Gates that shares an Area with an Eradicator, but must still Eliminate one of his own Units on each such Area.
Annihilate (Doom Phase): Starting with the first player, each player in turn places 1 Eradicator on the Map into any Area that does not already have an Eradicator. Once all 15 Eradicators are in play, ignore this ability.
Notes: In a game with the Eradicators, Windwalker, Opener of the Way, Tcho-Tcho, and the Ancients must place their glyph tokens in their Start Areas.
Availability: Shaggai Map {CW-M11} (x15)


Set Up[]

The Map is set up in the same way as the Earth Map. The First Player places a Worm of Ghroth at The Worm that Gnaws in the Night.

  • If the Ancients faction is in play, they may not set up in the Worm That Gnaws in the Night Area.

Worms of Ghroth[]

Worms of Ghroth are non-player Units which have no Unit type and may not be targeted by Battle, Spellbooks, or Abilities.

Each Worm of Ghroth is labeled on its base "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", or "6". At the end of each Doom Phase (after everyone has had a chance to perform a Ritual of Annihilation), check for Eradication. Roll one Worm Degradation die for each player and replace any Worms whose label matches the die result with an Eradication Marker, then remove any game markers and Eliminate any Units in the Eradicated Area. Players receive 1 Elder Sign for each of their Controlled Gates or Faction Great Old Ones so removed and 1 Power for each of their Units so removed.

Once per player, in player order and starting with the First Player, the controlling player place one Worm either in an Area not containing a Worm that is either adjacent to the Worm that Gnaws in the Night Area or to an Eradicated Area. Afterward, control moves onto the next player, until all players have placed a Worm or there are no Worms or legal Areas remaining.

  • If the Bubastis faction is in play, Worms of Ghroth may not be placed on the Moon tile.

If you Control a Gate in an Area with a Worm, you may perform the Cosmic Power Action. In addition, you may bypass Area-based restrictions on Awakening or Summoning your Units by paying 2 additional Power when placing them. Units placed in this way need not be placed in the Worm's Area.

Cosmic Power (Action: Cost 6): Place any Spellbook (including those of the Independent Great Old Ones) simply by spending 6 Power instead of meeting that Spellbook's requirement.

  • If the Bubastis faction is in play, they may perform Cosmic Power without Controlling a Gate in an Area with a Worm. However, they may not bypass Area-based restrictions because the Moon cannot have a Worm.


Units and game markers may not be Moved, Retreated, or otherwise placed into an Eradicated Area. If you have Units adjacent to an Eradicated Area, they may be Moved "skipping over" that Area so that it does not count against the range of the Move, but one of the Units Moving during this Move Action must be Eliminated. Any number of Units may be moved across any number of Eradicated Areas from multiple Areas, but only one Unit must be Eliminated per Move Action. This Elimination does not apply to Movement-like abilities such as Submerge or Avatar which allow a Unit to relocate without actually passing through an Area. Units may not be Retreated through Eradicated Areas.

  • If the Yellow Sign faction is in play, Eliminating a Cultists in this way triggers their Passion Spellbook.

If there are ever less than 2 non-Eradicated Areas per player, then the game immediately ends and is scored normally.

Other notes[]

  • All areas with "Ocean Belt" in their names are considered ocean Areas, and no others.
  • Worms of Ghroth and Eradicators may be used as recruitable pieces on other Maps if desired.


"The Spiritualists were the first to sense their arrival, though they mistook them for something far more benign. Soon it was clear that all these new supernatural phenomenapoltergeists, demonic possessions, and hauntings were under someone's, or something's, control—all part of a larger plan. When they finally revealed themselves, they proclaimed that they were humans like us, simply more spiritually developed. But centuries of meddling with the Outside had tainted them in body and soul. Soon we learned that, to them, "lesser" humans were disposables for their pleasure, to be used horribly and then discarded. It may have been better if they had wanted us for slaves, instead of toys."
—Sandy Petersen