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Reunion {CWD-3} is an expansion for Cthulhu Wars Duel released as the 2021 Petersen Games April Fools item. It is a set of Neutral Cultists, Terrors, and Independent Great Old Ones.



Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
File:Randolph Carter.png
Randolph Carter 1 0 0
Disloyal (Ongoing): Randolph gives 0 Power during the Gather Power Phase, and cannot build or occupy Gates. If he is Killed or Captured, he immediately switches allegiances and moves to the enemy Faction's Pool, and now works for them.
Man Was Not Meant To Know (Unlimited Action): If Randolph is at an enemy Gate, you can force your enemy to tell you their next Action. They must be truthful. On that enemy's next Action, they must perform the pre-selected Action, unless it is now impossible (in which case they can do as they please).
Example: An enemy who plans to Move must say "Move" when asked, but they need not say which Units are Moving, nor to where.
Notes: The first player to reach 6 Doom places Randolph Carter anywhere on the Map, along with his colored base clip.
Availability: Reunion {CWD-3} (x1)
Unwise "Cultist"
Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
File:Junior Outer Godling.png
Junior Outer Godling 1 0 2
I Hate Everyone (Ongoing): If a Battle occurs in Junior's location, he always joins on the attacker's side.
I Don't Care (Ongoing): Junior can't be targeted for Eliminations or Kills. He can be Pained.
I'm Going To My Room (Unlimited Action): If Junior is at your Controlled Gate, you can Move him to an adjacent Area. You can keep Moving him through a series of your Gates if you wish.
Notes: The first player to do a Ritual of Annihilation places Junior anywhere on the Map. With his clear clip (he hates everyone).
Availability: Reunion {CWD-3} (x1)
Angsty Teen Terror
Great Old Ones
Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
File:The Forgotten God.png
The Forgotten God 1 0 0
No Wonder It's Obscure (Ongoing): If you have a Great Old One in the Forgotten God's Area, you can move all of your units in any other area for one power (regardless of how many), however you cannot move any units into or out of the area occupied by the Forgotten God.
Get Rid of It (Battle): The Forgotten God is included in any Battle in its Area. Either side can choose to apply an Elimination, Kill, or Pain to the Forgotten God (starting with the Attacker), which takes effect normally.
Notes: The first player to Awaken their Great Old One places the Forgotten God anywhere on the Map with its clear clip (everyone loves him).
Availability: Reunion {CWD-3} (x1)
No, we don't know this Great Old One's name. It's forgotten.
File:The Great Doddering One.png
The Great Doddering One 1 0 4
Do I Know You? (Ongoing): On their turn, either player can Move the Great Doddering One or have him Capture a Cultist on their behalf. He does not participate on either side in a Battle.
Respect Your Elder Gods! (Ongoing): You can Battle the Great Doddering One by using a Battle action. Eliminations, Kills, or Pains affect him normally
Notes: If he is not already on the board, the oldest player places the Great Doddering One during any Doom Phase, anywhere on the MAp with his clear clip (he wouldn't remember a color anyway).
Availability: Reunion {CWD-3} (x1)
Senile Great Old One