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Ramsey Campbell Horrors 1 {CW-RC1} is an expansion released with Onslaught Two. It is a set of Neutral Monsters and Independent Great Old Ones.



Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Brood Token.png
Brood Figure.png File:Brood Figure (Painted).png
Brood 6 1 1
Notes: Brood tokens are Cultists with a Combat of 1. They cannot take the Move Action, nor can they be moved by movement-like or movement-modifying abilities (such as Submerge or Arctic Wind). Brood tokens can still be Pained or moved by enemy abilities and Spellbooks.
Availability: [Token] Ramsey Campbell Horrors 1 {CW-RC1} (x6)
[Figure] Shining Trapezohedron {CW-E15} (x6), Shining Trapezohedron {CW-E15-O3} (x6), Shining Trapezohedron {CW-E15-O4} (x6)
The Brood figures replace the Brood Tokens.
Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Insects from Shaggai.png File:Insects from Shaggai (Painted).png
Insects from Shaggai 3 2 0

Loyalty Card - Insects from Shaggai.png

How to Obtain the Insects from Shaggai Loyalty Card: Pay 2 Doom to obtain this Loyalty Card, plus place an Insect from Shaggai in any Area.
Mind Parasite (Ongoing): All Acolyte Cultists who are not on a Gate, and share an Area with an Insect from Shaggai are Controlled by you during the Action Phase, for only the following purposes:
  1. Only you can Move them
  2. They fight on your side in any Battle

They do not benefit from any Faction's Spellbooks (including yours). They can only be Captured by you if their true Faction permits it. They cannot be Captured by their true Faction )though they could be targeted by a Spellbook or Killed in Battle by them, etc.). Once an Acolyte is no longer in an Insect's Area, he is free. These Cultists are not Controlled by you during the Gather Power or Doom Phases—they provide Power and Doom to their true Faction.

Availability: Ramsey Campbell Horrors 1 {CW-RC1} (x3)
Great Old Ones
Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Eihort.png File:Eihort (Painted).png
Eihort 1 4 0

Loyalty Card - Eihort.png

How to Awaken Eihort:
  1. Your Controlled Gate is in an Area with your Great Old One.
  2. Pay 4 Power, and place Eihort in the Area containing the Gate.
The Brood (Ongoing): When you Awaken Eihort, immediately replace all of your Acolyte Cultists in play with Brood tokens.
Spellbook - Eihort.pngSpellbook - Eihort (Unclean Bargain).png Spellbook Requirement: You have at least 3 Acolyte Cultists in play.
Unclean Bargain (Doom Phase): If you have any Brood tokens in your Pool, replace your Acolyte Cultists with Brood tokens on a one-for-one basis until either you run out of Acolyte Cultists (on the Map) or Brood tokens (in your Pool). This is not optional.
Availability: Ramsey Campbell Horrors 1 {CW-RC1} (x1)
Gla'aki.png File:Gla'aki (Painted).png
Gla'aki 1 4 *

Loyalty Card - Gla'aki.png

How to Awaken Gla'aki:
  1. Your Controlled Gate is in an Area with your Great Old One.
  2. Pay 4 Power, and place Gla'aki in the Area containing the Gate.
Combat: Equals the number of Acolyte Cultists in your Pool
The Tomb-Herd (Gather Power Phase): Earn 1 Power per Acolyte Cultist in your Pool. (Count these before any enemy Sacrificing your Captured Cultists gives them back to you).
Spellbook - Gla'aki.pngFile:Spellbook - Gla'aki (Green Decay).png Spellbook Requirement: You are the first player to reach 0 Power in the Action Phase. (Windwalker taking the Hibernate Action does NOT fulfill this requirement).
Green Decay (Gather Power Phase): When a Captured Cultist is Sacrificed and returned, gain an Elder Sign instead of your normal reward (of 1 Power).
Availability: Ramsey Campbell Horrors 1 {CW-RC1} (x1)


Eihort: Ridiculous Power Economy. Period.

Gla'aki has an amazing spellbook. He make Cultist Capturing a very viable winning strategy. This strategy would combo very well with the Great Race of Yith and/or Sleeper. You would gain 1 power and 1 Elder Sign for every captured cultist.

Gla'aki's ability, The Tomb-Herd, makes him a great pick for any faction that cycles out their acolyte cultists, such as:

  • Great Cthulhu using Devolve
  • Black Goat using Blood Sacrafice, Summoning their GOO, and Spellbook requirements.
  • Opener of the Way upgrading their Cultists to Mutants.

You can safely cycle your cultists without fear of losing power during the gather power phase. There's a similar benefit when playing with Eihort or Yuggoth, since Brain Cylinders and Brood Tokens replace your Acolytes. If you combine Gla'aki with both of those, your Cultist-sourced power would be upwards of 16.

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