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Check out Derrick Scott Lewis's cosmic rendition of the ultimate Blind Idiot God!
Featured in: Dire Azathoth

Featured Article

Planet Apocalypse
Planet Apocalypse is a co-op game developed by Petersen Games. Several of its units have received crossovers into Cthulhu Wars, including eight of its Investigators (via CW Onslaught 3 Stretch Goal Box), its Cacodemon enemy (as an Onslaught Three free reward and webstore purchase), its Cthulhu: The Harbinger enemy (as a separate Kickstarter and webstore purchase), and its other enemy units (as a free crossover rules pdf). (read more)
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CW News

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Update #64 (July 30, 2020): Now that you know "bi-weekly", let's learn "bi-monthly"! Also, maaaaaaybe Dire Yog-Sothoth?

Final Onslaught
Update #78 (July 30, 2020): The core games will be printed and shipped first. Also, check out some more horror movie and anime recommendations.

Cthulhu: The Harbinger (FULFILLED)
July 23, 2020: If you've previously purchased the Harbinger Cthulhu figure sans rules, there is a limited stock of rules and art prints for sale now at PG!

Hastur Rising
Update #25 (July 30, 2020): The Risen One will require five molds in total.

Cthulhu Mythos for 5E
(Ghoul Island - Yig Snake Granddaddy - Dark Worlds - TBA)
Update #78 (July 9, 2020): PG announces the Planet Apocalypse for 5E sourcebook!

Planet Apocalypse
Update #174 (July 17, 2020): Please see the link to the current errata, and announcing three new Fourth Circle Terrors for Planet Apocalypse 2: Fachan, Scurrilet, and Cobold!

Glorantha: The Gods War
Update #38 (July 8, 2020): A revised version of the Rune Deck that better fits standard card sleeves has been added to the Pledge Manager.

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Eternal Adversary - Hyperspace - Startropolis

CW Strategies

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  • "Gate Control": Tips on when to take a Gate vs. when to build your own.
  • "Elder Signs": How much power is an Elder Sign worth?
  • "Neutral Monsters": General rules and strategy for Neutral Monsters.
  • "Terrors": General rules and strategy for Terrors.
  • "Independent GOOs": General rules and strategy for Independent Great Old Ones.
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