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[Magic Gods] {TGW-6} is an expansion released with Glorantha: The Gods War (Reprint & NEW Expansions).



Mortal Minions
Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Gifts
Ogre.png 100x100px
Ogre 2 N/A 1
Availability: Magic Gods {TGW-6} (x2)
Mortal Heros
Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Gifts
100x100px 100x100px
First Wizard, Zzabur 1 2 1

To Summon: Your building must be in the Skydome; place Zzabur in Brithos.
Enchant (Action: Cost 1): Swap out any or all of your Castles for Towers, or vice versa.
100x100px Heroquest: Zzabur is in play and you own at least 2 Runes.
Dispel Magic (Ongoing): If Zzabur is in play, when an enemy announces an action, you may cancel it by discarding a Rune. The Rune has no other effect, but the enemy must select a different action.
Availability: Magic Gods {TGW-6} (x1)
The First Sorcerer, and one of the four Sons of Malkion. He invented magic, and survives to this day, weaving his sinister ceremonies on the Isle of Brithos.
Though he is respected, he is not loved, and it is notable that he is never considered for sainthood.
Greater Gods
Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Gifts
Ill Wind, Vadrus.png 100x100px
Ill Wind, Vadrus 1 2 0

To Summon: A Storm Greater God must be in the Sky Dome; place Vadrus on Kylerela.
Wild Hunt (Pre-Battle): If Vadrus is in play, just before a battle, you may move one or more units from adjacent areas to the battle area. You may move enemy units in this way. Wild Hunt may not be used during a battle against a lone building.
100x100px Heroquest: Storm has 6 empire gifts.
Villain (Ongoing): If Vadrus is in play, you no longer suffer from your Honor weakness, but all other empires do.
Availability: Magic Gods {TGW-6} (x1)
Though rain is a blessing, not all the Storm entities are benign. Vadrus represents everything that can go wrong with the atmosphere – freezing wind, stagnant calm, and the frost that kills.
Storm seeks to control Vadrus’s sinister might to aim it at their foes.
Comforting Shadow, Xiola Umbar.png 100x100px
Comforting Shadow, Xiola Umbar 1 2 1

To Summon: A Darkness Greater God must be in the Sky Dome; place Xiola Umbar in Inner Hell.
Distract Attention (Ongoing): If Xiola Umbar is not in Hell, nor at the Gates of Dawn, enemy players cannot move units into Xiola Umbar's area by any means unless you allow it.
100x100px Heroquest: Xiola Umbar is in play; two or more Darkness units are eliminated in a single battle or by the same event.
Deep Healing (Ongoing): If Xiola Umbar is in play when you summon a unit, you may summon an additional unit of equal or lesser cost for free at the same or a different building.
Availability: Magic Gods {TGW-6} (x1)
Xiola Umbar the magic goddess of Darkness is one of nurturing the troll wives. She is the reason that trolls are so plentiful and helps them spread across the land and protects the troll matriarchs.
The realm of darkness is harsh but she is the protector of weaker creatures in the troll empire.
100x100px 100x100px
Healer, Chalana Arroy 1 * 0

To Summon: A Sky greater god must be in the Sky Dome; place Chalana Arroy at the Gates of Dawn.
Sacrifice (Post-Battle): If Chalana Arroy is in play, when one of your buildings is conquered or destroyed, gain 1 Power.
100x100px Heroquest: Chalana Arroy is in play and a Sky god is killed (possibly including Chalana Arroy).
Healing (Post-Battle): If Chalana Arroy is in play, and an enemy inflicted any kills on you in battle, you may pay 1 Power per kill to transform them into routs.
Availability: Magic Gods {TGW-6} (x1)
She chose a middle path to react to the war. She interacts with the world to cleanse disease, heal wounds, and raise the dead.
But she does not fight or kill, so retains her inner sanctity.
Cannibal, Cacodemon.png 100x100px
Cannibal, Cacodemon 1 2 1

To Summon: A Chaos Greater God must be in Hell; place Cacodemon in Altinela.
Ogres (Ongoing): When Cacodemon is first placed on the map, add an Ogre to your pool. This Ogre is yours for the rest of the game, even if Cacodemon is not in play. Ogres are identical to Broos in all ways, including Irruption. You cannot take Ogres from your pool so long as you have 6 or more Broos in play.
100x100px Heroquest: Cacodemon is in play and a Chaos Greater God is killed or eliminated (self included).
More Ogres (One-Time): If Cacodemon is in play, add a second Ogre to your pool, then flip this Gift face-down. This Ogre is yours for the rest of the game, even if Cacodemon is not in play.
Availability: Magic Gods {TGW-6} (x1)
The Magic God of Chaos is Cacodemon, who was originally spawned as a fragment of Wakboth, the War God. Cacodemon came to humankind, and from us created the Chaos Tribe, who became the ogres – human-seeming beings who hide within our society, both predators and parasites on other humans.
100x100px 100x100px
The Earthshaker, Maran Gor 1 * 1

To Summon: Your Ziggurat must be in play; place Maran Gor at your Ziggurat.
Fissure (Action: Cost 2): If Maran Gor is in play, select an enamy empire. Rearrange their buildings among their areas as you see fit.
100x100px Heroquest: Maran Gor is in play and four or more Earth Queens are in play.
Anthropohagy (Action: Cost 2): If Maran Gor is in play, choose one area containing an Earth Queen. One enemy unit of your choice in that area, costing 2 Power or less, is killed.
Availability: Magic Gods {TGW-6} (x1)
A cannibal goddess, the patron of dinosaurs.
She is the malign mother goddess, in charge of earthquakes and all ills that emanate from the deep earth.
Midwife of Time, Rashorana.png 100x100px
Midwife of Time, Rashorana 1 2 Dying 1
Half 4
Full 1

To Summon: A Moon Greater God must be in Hell; place Rashorana on the Moon.
Chronomancy (Ongoing): When Rashorana is first placed on the map, place the White Moon token anywhere on the Lunar Cycle. Afterwards, each time the Lunar Cycle marker lands on the White Moon token, gain 1 Rune. This ability remains in effect even if Rashorana is no longer in play.
100x100px Heroquest: Rashorana is in play, declare battle during the Waning Half Moon.
All Eyes Moonward (Post-Battle): If Rashorana is killed in a battle, your side suffers no other Kills or Battle Eliminations.
Availability: Magic Gods {TGW-6} (x1
Rashorana – the Midwife of Time, represented by the White Moon, which has never risen, but whose presence is dearly wished by all.
Her benign gaze marks the end of war and pain.
100x100px 100x100px
Lifegiver, Triolina 1 2 1

To Summon: A Sea Greater God must be in the Sky Dome; place Triolina in the Brown Sea
Proteus (Pre-Battle): If Triolina is in play, you may select one of your units involved in the battle and replace it with any other unit from your pool, paying the cost difference in Power (or gaining it, if the new unit is cheaper). You must be able to pay any cost.
100x100px Heroquest: Triolina is in play and no Mermaids are in your pool.
Polymorph (Pre-Battle): If Triolina is in play and you are involved in a battle, you may select an enemy unit in the battle and replace it with any other unit from that empire's pool. That empire pays the cost difference in Power (or gains the difference if the new unit is cheaper). If your enemy cannot pay the cost difference, you cannot choose that unit.
Availability: Magic Gods {TGW-6} (x1)
The sea has many varieties of life – far more than the land or air.
This is due to the influence of Triolina, who takes a million forms. Her matings populate the deep sea, the coral reefs, and the blue-lit shores.

Other components[]

Other components
Image Component Quantity Notes
White Moon Token.png
White Moon Token 1
Notes: Used for Rashorana.
Availability: Magic Gods {TGW-6} (x1)