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Lord Procrustes {PA-L4} is an expansion released with Planet Apocalypse. It includes a single Lord, which received a crossover into Cthulhu Wars implemented as an Independent Great Old One (as a free crossover rules pdf).



Great Old Ones
Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Procrustes.png Procrustes (Painted).png
Procrustes 1 4 0

Loyalty Card - Procrustes.png

How to Awaken Procrustes:
  1. Your Controlled Gate is in an Area with your Great Old One.
  2. Pay 4 Power, and place Procrustes in the Area containing the Gate.
Too Short (Pre-Battle): If Procrustes is in the Battle, select an enemy unit and roll 1d6. If the roll is lower than the enemy unit's Cost, immediately Eliminate that unit. If the roll is higher than the enemy unit's Cost, eliminate one of your own units instead (your choice). This ability is not optional.
Spellbook - Procrustes.pngSpellbook - Procrustes (Too Tall).png Spellbook Requirement: Any enemy, as an action, pays 1 Power. You gain 1 Power.
Too Tall (Ongoing): You must apply the Too Short ability to all battles in which you participate, not just those including Procrustes.
Availability: Lord Procrustes {PA-L4} (x1)