The Homebrew Faction is a set released with Onslaught Two. It includes common units and components to be used as part of homebrew Faction designs or as handicap acolytes, as well as collectible figures of the onslaught's two new Monsters.

Components[edit | edit source]

Units[edit | edit source]

Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Acolyte (Classic) - Independent.png 100x100px
Acolyte 6 1 0
Availability: Homebrew Faction {CW-U8} (x6), Unnameable Set {CW-U25} (x6), Acolyte Blister Pack {RPG-CG-A} (x2)
From his ancient tome he intones the words of power. Beware, sane world. The realm of madness awakens at his command.
High Priest (Classic) - Independent.png 100x100px
High Priest 1 3 0
Unspeakable Oath (Ongoing): At the end of any player's Action (even if it is not your turn), Sacrifice your High Priest (return him to your Pool) and gain 2 Power. This may also be done during the Gather Power and Doom Phases.
Notes: The High Priest is a new type of Cultist, it is Recruited like an Acolyte. Each High Priest generates 1 Power during the Gather Power Phase, can Create and Control a Gate, and can be Captured. Each Faction has only a single High Priest available.
This unit may also be used as one of the Unique High Priests.
Availability: Homebrew Faction {CW-U8} (x1), Unnameable Set {CW-U25} (x1), High Priest Blister Pack {RPG-U3-HP} (x2)
He leads the rites of old. It is time to awaken the great old ones! Iä! Iä!

Other components[edit | edit source]

Other components
Image Component Quantity Notes
Power Marker - Independent.png 100x50px
Power Marker 1

Availability: Homebrew Faction {CW-U8} (x1), Unnameable Set {CW-U25} (x1)
Doom Marker - Independent.png 100x50px
Doom Marker 1

Availability: Homebrew Faction {CW-U8} (x1), Unnameable Set {CW-U25} (x1)
Satyr 1

Availability: Homebrew Faction {CW-U25} (x1)
Insects from Shaggai 1

Availability: Homebrew Faction {CW-U25} (x1)
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