High Priest (1) Edit

Cost: 3

Combat: 0

Unspeakable Oath: (Ongoing)

At the end of any player's Action (even if it is not your turn), sacrifice your High Priest (return him to your Pool) and add 2 to your Power. This may also be done during Gather Power or the Doom phase.

Notes: The High Priest is a new type of Cultist. He is Recruited, like an Acolyte. He generates 1 Power during Gather Power, can Create and Control a Gate, and can be Captured. Each Faction has only a single High Priest available, except the Tcho-Tcho, who have three.

The High Priest is Recruited, rather than Summoned, so a Gate is not needed.

The High Priest benefits from all spellbooks or abilities that reference Cultists (but not Acolytes).

Tips and Tricks: Edit

  • Sacrifice him during Gather Power to ensure you are First Player
  • Recruit your High Priest in the first Action phase. Then sacrifice him to enable you to Awaken your Great Old (and still have Power remaining) the second Action phase.
  • If your High Priest is alone on a Gate, and an enemy threatens to capture him, on your turn Summon a Monster and then immediately sacrifice the High Priest. He is safely removed from the map and your new monster is not only paid for, but can help defend the Area.
  • Sacrifice him when the other players are out of Power to "resurrect" yourself. Now you have 2 Power left to spend on Actions while they have none.
  • Sacrifice him to permit a Ritual of Annihilation at a critical time.