Great Old One Pack 2 {CW-GOO2} is an expansion released with Onslaught One. It is a set of Independent Great Old Ones.

Components[edit | edit source]

Units[edit | edit source]

Great Old Ones
Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Ghatanothoa.png 100x100px
Ghatanothoa 1 4 *
How to Awaken Ghatanothoa:
  1. Your Controlled Gate is in an Area with your Great Old One.
  2. Pay 4 Power, and place Ghatanothoa in the Area containing the Gate.
Combat: Equals your opponent's total Cultists on the Map.
Mummify (Action: Cost 1): Any enemy Acolyte Cultists sharing an Area with Ghatanothoa are immediately "Mummified." Lay Mummified Cultist figures on their side. Such Cultists cannot use the Move Action, do not participate in Battle, and during the next Gather Power Phase produce no Power. During the Doom Phase, stand the Cultist back up. (A "Mummified" Cultist still Controls a Gate it is on and can be Captured).
Spellbook - Ghatanothoa.pngSpellbook - Ghatanothoa (Execration of Mu).png Spellbook Requirement: Choose one: EITHER your total Gates + Cultists is fewer than 6 in the Doom Phase
As your Action, Pay 4 Power.
Execration of Mu (Ongoing): The Mummify Ability is no longer an Action. It now occurs instantly when any enemy Acolyte Cultists share an Area with Ghatanothoa.
Availability: Great Old One Pack 2 {CW-GOO2} (x1)
Father Dagon.png 100x100px
Father Dagon 1 4 *
How to Awaken Father Dagon:
  1. Your Controlled Gate is in an Area with your Great Old One.
  2. Pay 4 Power, and place Father Dagon in the Area containing the Gate.
Combat: 2 on Land, 6 in an Ocean Area.
Tsunami (Action: Cost 1): Choose a Land area adjacent to an Ocean Area. All Cultists in the Area must be moved into Adjacent Ocean Areas by their owners (this includes your Cultists). In a dispute over who moves first, you decide.
Spellbook - Father Dagon.pngSpellbook - Father Dagon (The Innsmouth Look).png Spellbook Requirement: You have 8 Units in Ocean Areas
The Innsmouth Look (Ongoing): During the Doom phase, remove one of your Acolyte Cultists from the map and out of the game permanently. Gain 6 Power. This is not optional. If you have no Acolyte Cultists on the map, there is no effect.
Availability: Great Old One Pack 2 {CW-GOO2} (x1)
Bokrug.png 100x100px
Bokrug 1 4 1
How to Awaken Bokrug:
  1. Your Controlled Gate is in an Area with your Great Old One.
  2. Pay 4 Power, and place Bokrug in the Area containing the Gate.
Ghosts of Ib (Ongoing): If Bokrug is killed, do not lose this Loyalty Card. At the end of the next Doom phase, return him to the map to any Area not containing enemy units. If there is no such Area, he remains on the card until the next Doom phase.
Spellbook - Bokrug.pngSpellbook - Bokrug (Doom that Came to Sarnath).png Spellbook Requirement: Take this Loyalty Card, and hand it to the player of your choice. He then places Bokrug's spellbook on this card, and it becomes active.
Doom that Came to Sarnath (Ongoing): At the end of the Doom phase, select an enemy. Then, select one of these two options: 1) That enemy chooses a Monster or Cultist of yours to eliminate b) That enemy chooses one of your Elder signs to eliminate.
Availability: Great Old One Pack 2 {CW-GOO2} (x1)
Atlach-Nacha.png 100x100px
Atlach-Nacha 1 6 4
How to Awaken Atlach-Nacha:
  1. Your Controlled Gate is in an Area with your Great Old One.
  2. Pay 6 Power, and place Atlach-Nacha in the Area containing the Gate.
Spinnerets (Action: Cost 1): If Atlach-Nacha is in an Area that is lacking a Web Token, place one there.
Spellbook - Atlach-Nacha.pngSpellbook - Atlach-Nacha (Cosmic Web).png Spellbook Requirement: Web Tokens are in 6 different Areas
Cosmic Web (Action: Cost 0): Immediately win the game, even with fewer than 6 Faction Spellbooks.
Availability: Great Old One Pack 2 {CW-GOO2} (x1)

Other components[edit | edit source]

Other components
Image Component Quantity Notes
Web Token.png
Web Figure.png 100x50px
Web 6 Used for Spinnerets

Availability: [Token] Great Old One Pack 2 {CW-GOO2} (x6)
[Figure] Shining Trapezohedron {CW-E15} (x6), Shining Trapezohedron {CW-E15-O3} (x6), Shining Trapezohedron {CW-E15-O4} (x6)
The Web figures replace the Web Tokens.

Father Dagon Strategies[edit | edit source]

Any: Use Tsunami to drive your enemies from their gates, and The Innsmouth Look for a HUGE power boost!

Great Cthulhu: With 6 Combat in water, Dagon is a huge boost to Cthulhu's submersible army. Use Tsunami to wash cultists into the ocean where Cthulhu can unsubmerge and battle / capture. Mid to late game, grab the spellbook and turn any loitering cultist into huge power boosts.

Tcho-Tcho: You have the unique ability (aside from Sleeper) to have a lot of power after everyone else is out when you sacrifice your High Priests. Use this power to empty gates with Tsunami and move your own units in to capture.

Bokrug Strategies[edit | edit source]

Any: Grab Bokrug and use him to hold down one of your gates. If someone Kills him, hand them his Loyalty Card and inflict the Doom that Came to Sarnath upon them!

Crawling Chaos: Weak Great Old Ones are an amazing asset to Crawling Chaos in the form of Harbinger targets. Purchase Bokrug and hand him off to another player. It is difficult for a player to justify protecting Bokrug from Harbinger when he will handicap them in the Doom Phase.

Ghatanothoa Strategies[edit | edit source]

Any: Use Ghatanothoa to hamstring your opponents' power economy, and strip their meatshields from them!

Windwalker: Ithaqua can effortlessly take this creature with his army, laying waste to enemy bases and robbing them of their meat shields.

VS Yellow Sign: Usually Yellow Sign will have Hastur defended by a large group of cultist meat shields. Use Ghatanothoa to severely cripple his army, be prepared for Hastur's Vengence.

Atlach-Nacha Strategies[edit | edit source]

Great Cthulhu: Submerge with Atlach-Nacha and re-emerge in a remote ocean area. Use Spinneret. Repeat until victory.

Crawling Chaos: Use your Flight ability to move Atlach-Nacha to safe remote areas to use Spinneret.

Yellow Sign: you can use Spinneret as your second action for The Screaming Dead or He Who Must Not Be Named to give you flexibility.

WindWalker: Ithaqua has the strongest army, and best movement in the game. A Windwalker player can use Artic Wind to move Atlach-Nacha with all his units and use Spinneret.

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