Great Old One Pack 1 {CW-GOO1} is an expansion released with Onslaught One. It is a set of Independent Great Old Ones.

Components[edit | edit source]

Units[edit | edit source]

Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Filth Token.png
Filth Figure.png 100x100px
Filth 12 1 0
Notes: Filth Tokens act as Combat 0 Monsters. They belong to Abhoth's faction, but never move nor take Actions. They can be Killed or Pained normally in Battle, and are affected by spellbooks and abilities.
Availability: [Token] Great Old One Pack 1 {CW-GOO1} (x12)
[Figure] Shining Trapezohedron {CW-E15} (x12), Shining Trapezohedron {CW-E15-O3} (x12), Shining Trapezohedron {CW-E15-O4} (x12)
The Filth figures replace the Filth Tokens.
Great Old Ones
Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Cthugha.png 100x100px
Cthugha 1 6 *

Loyalty Card - Cthugha.png

How to Awaken Cthugha:
  1. Your Controlled Gate is in an Area with your Great Old One.
  2. Pay Power equal to 6 minus your Great Old One's Awakening Power Cost. If the result is negative, gain the result in Power.
  3. Replace your Great Old One with Cthugha.
Combat: Equals the Combat of an enemy Great Old One in the Battle (your choice). If none are present, Cthugha's Combat is 0.
Fire Vampires (Post-Battle): If Cthugha is involved in a Battle, after all Kill results are assigned but before they are applied, you may choose to spare one or more Killed enemy Units by reducing their Kill to a Pain instead. For each enemy Unit you spare in this way, you gain 1 Power. You cannot use Fire Vampires (or Firestorm) against an enemy with zero Power (or a Hibernating Windwalker).
Spellbook - Cthugha.pngSpellbook - Cthugha (Firestorm).png Spellbook Requirement: Kill an enemy Great Old One in Battle.
Firestorm (Post-Battle): If Cthugha is involved in a Battle, for each Killed enemy unit you "spare", you also gain 1 Elder Sign.
Availability: Great Old One Pack 1 {CW-GOO1} (x1)
Mother Hydra.png 100x100px
Mother Hydra 1 4 *

Loyalty Card - Mother Hydra.png

How to Awaken Mother Hydra:
  1. Your Controlled Gate is in an Area with your Great Old One.
  2. Pay 4 Power, and place Mother Hydra in the Area containing the Gate.
Combat: 6 minus the number of enemy units in the Area (minimum 1).
The Agony Sting (Action: Cost 1): Choose any Ocean Area. All enemy Cultists in that Area must be moved into Adjacent Land Areas by their owners (your Cultists are immune). In a dispute over who moves first, you decide.
Spellbook - Mother Hydra.pngSpellbook - Mother Hydra (The Zygote).png Spellbook Requirement: Choose one: EITHER control no Great Old Ones in Ocean Areas OR enemy factions control no Great Old Ones in Ocean Areas
The Zygote (Action: Cost 1): Take all Acolyte Cultists in your Pool and place them on the map in any Areas in which you have a Unit.
Availability: Great Old One Pack 1 {CW-GOO1} (x1)
Chaugnar Faugn.png Chaugnar Faugn (Painted).png
Chaugnar Faugn 1 4 3

Loyalty Card - Chaugnar Faugn.png

How to Awaken Chaugnar Faugn:
  1. Your Controlled Gate is in an Area with your Great Old One.
  2. Pay 4 Power, and place Chaugnar Faugn in the Area containing the Gate.
Miri Nigri (Ongoing): In a Battle taking place in an Area with your controlled Gate, add +3 Combat dice.
Spellbook - Chaugnar Faugn.pngSpellbook - Chaugnar Faugn (Curse of Chaugnar Faugn).png Spellbook Requirement: As your Action for a Round, discard 2 Elder Signs (you receive no Doom for them)
Curse of Chaugnar Faugn (Ongoing): Turn all Elder Signs in the Pool face-up. When any player receives an Elder Sign, you pick which one they receive. If you lose this Spellbook, turn the Elder Signs face-down again, and mix them up.
Availability: Great Old One Pack 1 {CW-GOO1} (x1)
Yig.png Yig (Painted).png
Yig 1 4 2

Loyalty Card - Yig.png

How to Awaken Yig:
  1. Your Controlled Gate is in an Area with your Great Old One.
  2. Pay 4 Power, and place Yig in the Area containing the Gate.
Snakebite (Post-Battle): Your Cultists are now poisonous. If any of you Cultists are Killed in Battle, the enemy receives 1 extra Kill result. (He only takes 1 extra Kill regardless of how many Cultists die.)
Spellbook - Yig.pngSpellbook - Yig (Messenger of Yig).png Spellbook Requirement: As your Action for a round, remove one of your controlled Gates from the map
Messenger of Yig (Ongoing): In the Doom phase, each other player must decide if they will donate 1 Power from their total to you. For each player that refuses, gain 1 Doom Point.
Availability: Great Old One Pack 1 {CW-GOO1} (x1)
Abhoth.png Abhoth (Painted).png
Abhoth 1 4 *

Loyalty Card - Abhoth.png

How to Awaken Abhoth:
  1. Your Controlled Gate is in an Area with your Great Old One.
  2. Pay 4 Power, and place Yig in the Area containing the Gate.
Combat: Equals the number of Filth Tokens in play (0-12).
Filth (Action: Cost 1): Place a Filth Token in any Area.
Spellbook - Abhoth.pngSpellbook - Abhoth (The Brood).png Spellbook Requirement: Choose One: EITHER your Faction has 4+ different Monster types in play, including Filth Tokens, OR Your faction has 8+ total Monsters in play, including Filth Tokens
The Brood (Ongoing): Gates in Areas containing Filth Tokens do not count during the Doom phase. Does not apply to Abhoth's Faction.
Availability: Great Old One Pack 1 {CW-GOO1} (x1)

Cthugha Strategies[edit | edit source]

Crawling Chaos: Spare enemy GOOs with Fire Vampires, then pick up two elder signs with Nyarlathotep's Harbinger ability. For maximum effect, pick a faction that is out of power and Isolate the GOO with Madness for repeat attacks. If you have been awarded Cthugha's Firestorm spellbook, you are looking at 3 elder signs per battle! Imagine if you fought two enemy GOOs at once with this setup!

Bokrug / King in Yellow Combo: If another player has a GOO with 0 combat dice, like Bokrug or the King in Yellow, isolate him with Madness and attack with Nyarlathotep and Cthugha as a pair. (Watch out for a Dread Curse enabled Opener player and unlimited combat armies. Keep your Hunting Horrors on the ready for defense.)

Great Cthulhu: It is beneficial to resummon Cthulhu, so for 6 power (2 for Cthugha, 4 for Cthulhu), you get 2 elder signs. If you can Submerge to surprise attack an enemy GOO (and kill them), then you can start raking in the elder signs with Firestorm.

Tcho-Tcho: With Ubbo-Sathla automatically resummoning every doom phase, Cthugha is FREE!!! Go after an enemy GOO to get Cthugha's spellbook AND your faction spellbook that requires a GOO to die.

Mother Hydra Strategies[edit | edit source]

Any: Neutral Spellbook Combo w/ The Mao Ceremony - Sacrafice every cultist for 6 power, and get them all back with Mother Hydra for 1. Make sure you go first, otherwise your gates will be open for capture until your turn comes around.

Black Goat: Use Zygote to replace cultists from awakening Shub, Spellbook Requirements, and Blood Sacrifice. Use Agony Sting to harass various ocean gates on the cheap.

Great Cthulhu: Have extra cultists? Absorb every last one for +3 dice each, then summon them all back for 1 power with Mother Hydra's ZygoteDevolve all the cultists hanging out in R'leh to combat intruders, then summon all the cultists back when the coast is clear. NS: Undimensioned - Maximize the Devolve / Absorb combos with Undimensioned to make sure your units are in the right places at the right times.

Opener of the Way: Opener can make great use of Zygote to replace upgraded units.

Sleeper: Save your power using Lethargy, then empty ocean areas you wish to capture. Burrow will let you cheaply move your forces into position.

Tcho-Tcho: You have the unique ability (aside from Sleeper) to have a lot of power after everyone else is out when you sacrifice your High Priests. Use this power to empty gates with The Agony Sting and move your own units in to capture.

Chaugnar Faugn Strategies[edit | edit source]

Any: Grab Chaugnar Faugn to boost your gate defenses, and grab his spellbook to gain leverage over your foes: if they are good, you may give them 2's, but if they're bad, you'll give them only 1's (of course keeping the 3's for yourself!).

Black Goat: Miri Nigri will make your fortified areas even more difficult to uproot. Curse of Chaugnar Faugn pairs nicely with Blood Sacrifice as well.

Crawling Chaos: Flying Polyps can be used to invisible enemy forces that seek to harm Chaugnar. In the mean time, use the Curse of Chaugnar Faugn to gain 6 doom points in elder signs for each successful Harbinger attack. Attacking an area with 2 enemy GOOs with this combo can win the game instantly.

Great Cthulhu: Your precious few gates can now better defend themselves while Cthulhu's army tears down the competition. Get a guaranteed 3 doom when you bring big green back.

Tcho-Tcho: With 3 combat dice from Miri Nigri, your Proto-Shoggoths are freed up to take your opponents attack dice away via Terror. With 3 high priests in the doom phase, you can sacrifice them all to net 9 doom with the Curse of Chaugnar Faugn.

Windwalker: With 2 faction GOOs in place, you can gain a guaranteed 6 doom with rituals locked in at 5 power with Herald of the Outer Gods Spellbook! That is a steal.

Yellow Sign: Keep Chaugnar safe with Hastur. Any attempt on his life will result in catastrophic losses on your attacker's army. A good round of desecrations will result in a massive doom gain.

Yig Strategies[edit | edit source]

Use Yig to bolster your defenses, and then leverage his ability to gain extra Power and/or Doom!

Abhoth Strategies[edit | edit source]

Any: When used with any faction, Abhoth can cause a lot of problems for your enemies.

Black Goat: Use Filth to safely and easily get her Spellbook Requirements and Yellow Sign can use it to hold down Desecrated Areas. All factions can use them to defend their own gates and seed areas with meat shields for assault. The Brood lets you put your foes on their heels, as they have to spend resources clearing out Filth from their Areas, lead an assault against Abhoth (who may himself be fortified behind a wall of Filth Tokens), or lose Doom points!

Sleeper: Using Lethargy, you are able to save a lot of power until the end of the round, after everyone else is out. Using Abhoth at this time is devastating. You can easily cripple an opponent's Gather Power and Doom Phase with The Brood spellbook.

Yellow Sign: Place Filth tokens on all of your abandoned Desecration markers.

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