[Giant Blind Albino Penguin] {CW-?} is an expansion released with CATaclysm. It is a set of Neutral Monsters.

Units[edit | edit source]

Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Giant Blind Albino Penguin.png 100x100px
Giant Blind Albino Penguin 2 1 −2
How to Obtain the Giant Blind Albino Penguin Loyalty Card: Pay 2 Doom to take this Loyalty Card. Place a Penguin at your Controlled Gate.
Laughingstock (Pre-Battle): Move one or more Penguins to the Battle area, even if you are not part of the battle. If you are part of the battle, the penguin fights on your side. Ohterwise, you choose which side the Penguin is on, and it belongs to that player until the battle's end.
Availability: Giant Blind Albino Penguin (x2)
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