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The Dreamlands Map {CW-M2} is a map released with Onslaught One. Its main mechanics are the Citadels, which provide an alternate victory condition, and the Bhole and Zoogs, which are threats to all factions. A version for 6-8 players {CW-M7} was released with Onslaught Two, and also included as part of the 6-8 Player Map Packs {CW-M10, CW-M14}.



Map Component Notes

Dreamlands Map Availability: Dreamlands Map {CW-M2}
Dreamlands Map
(6–8 Players)
Availability: 6-8 Player Dreamlands Map {CW-M7} (x1), 6-8 Player Map Pack {CW-M10} (x1), 6-8 Player Map Pack {CW-M14} (x1)


Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Zoog.png Zoog (Painted).png
Zoog 6 0 0
Availability: Dreamlands Map {CW-M2} (x6), Zoog Blister Pack {RPG-M2-N6} (x3)
The creepy chittering Zoog plots and schemes in his dark forest home. He has laid traps and snares and looks eagerly to see you blunder into them.
Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Bhole.png Bhole (Painted).png
Bhole 1 0 6
Availability: Dreamlands Map {CW-M2} (x1), Bhole Blister Pack {RPG-M2-N7} (x1)
A colossal dream monster that burrows forever through the carrion crypts of the underworld.


Set Up[]

Place the Surface and Underworld Maps near each other, but not connecting. Unlike the Earth Map, the Dreamlands' Surface and Underworld Maps are not connected geographically, and do not have wraparound. Place the Bhole in the Vale of Pnath on the Underworld map, and place the Zoogs next to the Surface map.

  • For the first 4-player game, it is recommended to use the 5-player Surface map.
  • If the Ancients faction is in play, they may not set up in an Area with a Citadel Glyph, but may set up in an Area with a Tunnel Glyph.


Tunnel Glyph

There are four Tunnel Glyphs on each map, marked "A", "B", "C", and "D". An Area with one of these Glyphs is considered adjacent for all purposes to the Area on the other board with an identical Glyph. Tunnels are the primary means of traveling from one map to the other, but Movement-type abilities like Avatar, Seek and Destroy, Submerge, and Horror Steed allow free movement between both boards.


Citadel Glyph

Each map contains four Citadel Glyphs labeled "1–2", "3", "4", and "5–6". As an alternate victory condition, if a single player Controls Gates on all four Citadel Areas of a single map, they immediately win, regardless of Spellbooks or Doom. This victory condition is not triggered if the player only controls four Citadel Areas across both boards, or if they only control four Gates across three Citadel Areas by using abilities like The Key and the Gate.


The Bhole is a non-player Terror Unit which is considered to have 0 Cost and no Spellbooks, Doom, Power, or any other normal features of a Faction for any purposes. It may not be targeted by any Spellbooks or Abilities.

At the end of each Doom Phase (after everyone has had a chance to perform a Ritual of Annihilation), check for the Bhole's Activation and Attack.

If it is in an Area containing a Gate, it destroys the Gate and Eliminates any Controlling Unit. This Elimination counts as an enemy Eliminating your Unit (activating abilities like Passion). If it is in an Area without a Gate, roll a six-sided die and Move the Bhole to the Underworld Citadel whose label matches the die result, then destroy any Gates present and Eliminate their Controlling Units. The Bhole does not affect anything else in its Area.

  • If the Opener of the Way faction is in play, Yog-Sothoth may be Eliminated by the Bhole if it is in an Area with the Bhole during its activation.

Any player may initiate a Battle against the Bhole. A Kill result will Kill the Bhole, while a Pain will send it to the Vale of Pnath, regardless of normal Pain rules. Units who Battled the Bhole cannot be Pained to its Area. If it is already in the Vale of Pnath, it ignores the Pain. If the Bhole is Killed, a new Bhole reappears in the Vale of Pnath at the end of the Doom Phase, destroying any Gates present there and Eliminating their Controlling Units.


The Zoogs are non-player Monster Units which are considered to have 0 Cost and no Spellbooks, Doom, Power, or any other normal features of a Faction for any purposes. They may be targeted by any Spellbooks or Abilities that target or reference Monsters without requiring a faction be named.[citation needed]

  • If the Black Goat faction is in play, Avatar may be used on Zoogs despite the Spellbook requiring an enemy faction be named.

At the end of each Doom Phase, after rolling for the Bhole, check for the Zoogs' Activation and Attack. Roll 1 die for every Zoog that is not in play, then place each of these Zoogs on the Citadel matching their die result. When a Zoog appears on a Citadel containing a Controlled Gate, the Gate's Controller must immediately Abandon that Gate. Control may not be regained until the Zoogs are removed from that Area.

Any player may initiate a Battle against Zoogs. A Kill result will Kill the Zoog, while a Pain result will Eliminate but not Kill the Zoog, but will also inflict a Pain on the attacking Faction. Kill results are applied before Pain results, as normal. Units who Battled Zoogs cannot be Pained to Areas containing Zoogs. If a Zoog is Moved to a non-Citadel Area, such as by Howl or Avatar, it is Eliminated.

  • If the Black Goat faction is in play, using Necrophagy against a Zoog will result in the reflected Pains being applied to Black Goat itself, rather than the participants of the Battle.

Other notes[]

  • All areas with "Sea" in their names are considered ocean Areas, and no others.


"Ninety aeons ago, before even the gods had danced upon its pointed peak, that mountain had spoken with fire and roared with the voices of the inner thunders. Now it towered all silent and sinister, bearing on the hidden side that secret titan image whereof rumour told. And there were caves in that mountain, which might be empty and alone with elder darkness, or might—if legend spoke truly—hold horrors of a form not to be surmised."
—H. P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath