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Cthulhu - The Art of Richard Luong is a Kickstarter-funded art book presenting the art of Richard Luong, the artist for the original Cthulhu Wars core game and expansions from the first Kickstarter. The book includes both art pieces and design notes for the original set of characters and units, as well as other Mythos-related art not used in the game. As a backer bonus, the Kickstarter included a Hound of Tindalos unit with loyalty card, and a variant sculpt for Cthulhu (nicknamed "Buffthulhu") that can be used in place of the Core Game unit. The Hound of Tindalos, with a new sculpt, would later be released with Beyond Time and Space {CW-U11}.


Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Hound of Tindalos (Richard Luong).png 100x100px
Hound of Tindalos 1 4 4

Loyalty Card - Hound of Tindalos.png

How to Obtain the Hound of Tindalos Loyalty Card: Pay 2 Doom and 2 Power to obtain this Loyalty Card, then place the Hound of Tindalos at any Gate (even one you don't control).
Chronophage (Ongoing): The Hound cannot perform the Move Action by itself. The Hound Moves for free whenever you Move any other Unit. In doing so, the Hound teleports directly from Gate to Gate.
Notes: The Hound cannot be targeted with a Kill in Combat. However, if a Hound is ever in an Area without a Gate (due to being Pained to such an Area, or the Gate itself being destroyed or moved, etc.), it is Killed. It can also be Eliminated if it cannot be Pained due to Enemy presence in adjacent Areas (per normal Pain rules).
Availability: Cthulhu - The Art of Richard Luong
Great Old Ones
Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Buffthulhu.png 100x100px
Buffthulhu 1 10/4 9

How to Awaken Buffthulhu:
  1. There must be a gate in Great Cthulhu's starting Area (can be abandoned or enemy-controlled).
  2. If this is first Awakening, pay 10 Power. Otherwise, pay 4 Power.
  3. Cthulhu appears in its starting Area. (Remember to gain 1 Elder Sign).
Availability: Cthulhu - The Art of Richard Luong
This unit can be awakened instead of the standard Cthulhu unit whenever Cthulhu is awakened, and was originally developed for Cthulhu - The Art of Richard Luong.