Great Cthulhu {PA-L6} is an expansion released with Planet Apocalypse. It includes a single Lord, which received a crossover into other Petersen Games games via the Cthulhu: The Harbinger Kickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter version came in any color of the backer's choosing (with the exception of only one red version), and included an art print and promo rules to use the unit in Cthulhu Wars, Glorantha: The Gods War, Hyperspace, Planet Apocalypse, Startropolis, and Eternal Adversary. The art print and rules without the figure {PA-Harbinger}, as well as the art print on its own {HARB-ART}, were also made available for those who already had the Planet Apocalypse expansion.

Units[edit | edit source]

Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Gifts
Cthulhu The Harbinger.png 100x100px
Harbinger Cthulhu 1 N/A N/A

Loyalty Card - Harbinger Cthulhu.png

To Summon: At the start of the Council Phase, before VPs are added, each player gets a chance, in turn order, to pay 3 power and place Harbinger Cthulhu on the map in any area. That player does not control Harbinger Cthulhu, but takes this card.
Immediate: All units and buildings in Harbinger Cthulhu's area are removed and placed next to this loyalty card.
Tentacle (Action: Cost 1): Choose a unit or building in Harbinger Cthulhu's area, or an adjacent area. Remove it and place it next to this loyalty card. All players may use this action.
Reward - Harbinger Cthulhu.png Killing Harbinger Cthulhu: The only way to eliminate Harbinger Cthulhu is to inflict 2 kill results against him in battle. Harbinger Cthulhu ignores routs. All units battling Harbinger Cthulhu are always killed. If Harbinger Cthulhu is killed, all "captured" units and buildings next to this loyalty cad are placed back on the map in the battle area, or any adjacent area, at the killer's whim. Buildings must be placed legally—if this is impossible, that building is destroyed.
Reward: When killed, the killer gains 1 rune, as does the original summoner of Harbinger Cthulhu, even if they are the same person.
Availability: Great Cthulhu {PA-L6} (x1), Cthulhu: The Harbinger {HARB-1} (x1), Cthulhu: The Harbinger (Kickstarter)
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