Cthulhu: The Harbinger is a miniature that was originally included as an exclusive Kickstarter stretch goal for Planet Apocalypse. The Kickstarter version came in any color of the backer's choosing (with the exception of only one red version), and included an art print and promo rules to use the unit in Cthulhu Wars, Glorantha: The Gods War, Hyperspace, Planet Apocalypse, Startropolis, and Eternal Adversary.

Units[edit | edit source]

Great Old Ones
Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Cthulhu The Harbinger.png 100x100px
Cthulhu: The Harbinger 1 8 N/A

How to Awaken Cthulhu: The Harbinger:
Great Cthulhu Faction: Pay 8 Power and place Harbinger Cthulhu in any Area. This counts as Awakening Cthulhu if you have not yet done so. Then each other player gains 1 Elder Sign.
All other Factions:
  1. You have a Great Old One in play.
  2. Pay 8 Power, and place Harbinger Cthulhu in any Area.

In either case, when Harbinger Cthulhu is placed, all Units in the target Area are removed and placed on this Loyalty Card.

Great Old One (Ongoing): Harbinger Cthulhu cannot be Moved from its Area by any means except by destroying it, and has no Spellbook. When Battled, all the attacker's Units in the Area are destroyed in the Battle. It takes at least 3 Kills and/or Eliminates in the same Combat to Kill Harbinger Cthulhu.
Notes: When Harbinger Cthulhu is Killed, return all the Units from this Loyalty Card to Harbinger Cthulhu's Area. The player who Killed Harbinger Cthulhu gets 1 Elder Sign, as does the Controller of Harbinger Cthulhu, even if they are the same person.
Availability: Great Cthulhu {PA-L6} (x1), Cthulhu: The Harbinger (Kickstarter)
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