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This article is about the Cthulhu Wars Terror. For the Glorantha: The Gods War Greater God, see Cannibal, Cacodemon.

Cacodemon {CW-U30} is an expansion released with Planet Apocalypse, from which it was originally developed, and was given as a free stretch goal reward for backers of Onslaught Three.


Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Cacodemon.png Cacodemon (Painted).png
Cacodemon 1 4 3

Loyalty Card - Cacodemon.png

How to Obtain the Cacodemon Loyalty Card: Pay 2 Doom and 2 Power, then place the Cacodemon in an Area with your Controlled Gate.
Cosmic Terror (Ongoing): Enemy Units may not Move or be Pained into the Area with the Cacodemon unless they are Great Old Ones or if they are accompanied by a Great Old One. This includes move-like abilities (e.g., Shriek of the Byakhee), other than Black Goat's Avatar.
Availability: Cacodemon {CW-U30} (x1), Planet Apocalypse - Core Game (x2), Cacodemon Blister Pack {RPG-U30-1} (x1)
The Third Circle Demon seethes with arcane energy as it fades in and out of reality. Its alien mind ponders the unthinkable.