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Bubastis {CW-F8} is a faction released with CATaclysm. The individual units, without gameplay rules, were also released as the "13 Cats" pack. The Bubastis faction is also usable in Hyperspace as the "Space Cats" civilization.



Start with 8 power. Place the Moon tile within reach. Place 6 Earth Cats on the Moon. In a game with High Priests, add 1 more Power each Gather Power Phase.
Unique Ability
Lunacy (Ongoing): Spellbooks and abilities that affect Cultists can target Earth Cats as if they are Acolytes. They cannot be Captured as Cultists nor can they Create or control Gates. This ability is not optional.
Spellbook Requirements
As your Action, Pay 2 Power No Earth Cats are on the Moon
A Cat is in every enemy Faction's Start Area; gain 1 Power per enemy Faction A Cat from Mars or Saturn is Killed or Eliminated
A Cat from Uranus is Killed or Eliminated Awaken Bastet
Spellbook - Bubastis.pngSpellbook - Bubastis (Ailurophobia).png Ailurophobia (Doom Phase): Gain 1 Doom per Monster Cat Variety sharing non-Moon Area(s) with Unit(s) from enemy Factions.
Spellbook - Bubastis.pngSpellbook - Bubastis (Catabolism).png Catabolism (Ongoing): Earth Cats can Recruit monsters, as if the monsters were cultists, instead of needing to Summon them.
Spellbook - Bubastis.pngSpellbook - Bubastis (Catnapping).png Catnapping (Action: Cost 1): Move all units (except Bastet) belonging to any faction in Bastet's Area from that Area to the Moon. When an enemy unit on the Moon leaves, you gain the Power they spend on movement.
Spellbook - Bubastis.pngSpellbook - Bubastis (Predator).png Predator (Post-Battle): If a Cat from Uranus was in the battle, you can select one unit lost by the enemy. He must eliminate a second unit of that type anywhere on the map, if possible.

Spellbook - Bubastis.pngSpellbook - Bubastis (Savagery).png Savagery (Pre-Battle): Pay 1 Power in Pre-Battle to increase the combat of all Cats from Saturn by 4 for this battle.
Spellbook - Bubastis.pngSpellbook - Bubastis (Zagazig).png Zagazig (Pre-Battle): If a Cat from Mars is in the battle, all rolled Pains become Kills, and all rolled Kills become Pains.


Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Earth Cat.png File:Earth Cat (Painted).png
Earth Cat 6 1 0 Catabolism
Notes: Generates 1 Power during the Gather Power Phase
Availability: Bubastis {CW-F8} (x6), 13 Cats {CW-Cats} (x6)
Cat from Mars.png File:Cat from Mars (Painted).png
Cat from Mars 2 2 1 Zagazig
Notes: Generates 1 Power during the Gather Power Phase
Availability: Bubastis {CW-F8} (x2), 13 Cats {CW-Cats} (x2)
Cat from Saturn.png File:Cat from Saturn (Painted).png
Cat from Saturn 2 3 2 Savagery
Notes: Generates 1 Power during the Gather Power Phase
Availability: Bubastis {CW-F8} (x2), 13 Cats {CW-Cats} (x2)
Cat from Uranus.png File:Cat from Uranus (Painted).png
Cat from Uranus 2 4 3 Predator
Notes: Generates 1 Power during the Gather Power Phase
Availability: Bubastis {CW-F8} (x2), 13 Cats {CW-Cats} (x2)
Elder Gods
Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Bastet.png File:Bastet (Painted).png
Bastet 1 6 *

How to Awaken Bastet:
  1. All four Cat varieties are in play.
  2. Pay 6 Power.
  3. Place Bastet in an Area containing no enemy Units.
Combat: Add 1 Kill to your combat total (Bastet rolls no dice); the enemy must lower their Kill total by 1.
Requires Attention (Doom Phase): During the Doom Phase, if Bastet is in an Area containing an enemy Cultist, you may perform a Ritual of Annihilation. For you, this adds exactly 4 Doom points.
  • If Bastet's Area has an Enemy-Controlled Gate, gain 1 Elder Sign.
  • If Bastet's Area has an Enemy Great Old One, gain 2 Elder Signs.
Availability: Bubastis {CW-F8} (x1), 13 Cats {CW-Cats} (x1)

Expansion Units[]

Image Unit Quantity Cost Combat Spellbooks
Brain Cylinder Token - Bubastis.png

Brain Cylinder Figure - Bubastis.png File:Brain Cylinder Figure - Bubastis (Painted).png
Brain Cylinder 4 0 0
Availability: [Token] Bubastis {CW-F8} (x4)
[Figure] Bubastis {CW-F8} (x4), Shining Trapezohedron {CW-E15-O4} (x4), Brain Cylinder Blister Pack {RPG-E15-10} (x1)
This helpless human, reduced to a mere living brain by the surgical and mechanical skill of the aliens, can now only communicate through electronic devices. What wisdom or warning can he relate?
See Brain Cylinders for rules. The Brain Cylinder figures replace the Brain Cylinder Tokens.
The Dark Demon - Bubastis.png File:The Dark Demon - Bubastis (Painted).png
The Dark Demon 1 1 0

Loyalty Card - The Dark Demon.png

How to Obtain the The Dark Demon Loyalty Card: In the Doom Phase, when it is your turn to perform a Ritual of Annihilation, you may pay 2 Doom to obtain this Loyalty Card and then place the Dark Demon matching your Faction's color anywhere on the Map. If you wish, you may also perform a Ritual of Annihilation. Each of the other Factions permanently loses an Acolyte from their Pools (or from the Map, if all are in play) and then adds to their Pools a Dark Demon of their Faction's color.
The Summons (Ongoing): Any Faction with a Dark Demon in its Pool cannot take any Action other than Recruiting the Dark Demon. (You can still choose to drop your Power to 0 and take no more Actions this Action Phase instead).
Metamorph (Ongoing): Dark Demons are a new type of Cultist and are treated as Cultists in every way, but they produce 0 Power during the Gather Power Phase. They are Recruited rather than Summoned, so a Controlled Gate is not needed to bring them into play. Dark Demons may Create and Control Gates, and they are worth 1 Power when Captured. They can be targeted by any Spellbooks or abilities that reference Cultists, but not Acolytes.
Availability: Bubastis {CW-F8} (x1), Dark Demon - green Miniature STL {U10-N4}
Nyarlathotep is infamous for his multiple shapes. As the Dark Demon, this pig-like humanoid is terrifying to behold, but the horror it leaves in its wake is far worse.

Other components[]

Other components
Image Component Quantity Notes
Faction Card - Bubastis.png
Faction Card 1
Availability: Bubastis {CW-F8} (x1)
Faction Token - Bubastis.png
Faction Token 1
Availability: Bubastis {CW-F8} (x1)
Power Marker - Bubastis.png File:Power Marker - Bubastis (Painted).png
Power Marker 1
Availability: Bubastis {CW-F8} (x1)
Doom Marker - Bubastis.png File:Doom Marker - Bubastis (Painted).png
Doom Marker 1
Availability: Bubastis {CW-F8} (x1)
Moon Tile.png
Moon Tile 1
Notes: The Moon counts as a Bubastis-Controlled Gate for all purposes, except that Control may not be seized by another Faction. No other Gate can be built or moved there, except for Yog-Sothoth via Catnapping.
Your Units can Move and be Pained freely between the Moon and any other Map Area. Other Factions may Move or be Pained from the Moon to another Map Area, but not the reverse.
Availability: Bubastis {CW-F8} (x1)
Battle Dice - Bubastis.png
Battle Dice 20
Availability: Battle Dice - Bubastis {CW-U34} (x20), ALL 240 BATTLE DICE {CW-U24-O4} (x20)
Neutral Unit Identifier - Bubastis.png
Neutral Unit Identifier 6 (25mm)
3 (40mm)
3 (50mm)
3 (60mm)
1 (80mm)
Availability: Neutral Unit Identifiers - Bubastis {CW-U35} (x16), Neutral Unit Identifiers {CW-U26-O4} (x16)


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